Library Six Word Memoirs

Compilation courtesy of school, public and academic librarians as well as authors, professors, and library leaders everywhere....

An excellent example of educators using collaboration. 


Learn to use the computer first!  Laurie Schulz

Degrees of separation? Google Kevin Bacon!  Erin Marsh

Making ID cards in library…yuck.  Naomi Bates

Print, tech, we have it all  Betsy Ruffin

Technology is great…when it works. Cynthia Hernandez

The library blends new and old!  Honor Zalewski

Look Ma:  No pages! Digital books!  Amy Jensen

Personalized book recommendation? Librarians outshine computers! Ruth Ingulsrud

It’s more than books to me. Irene Langlois

Wikipedia : one of MANY informational websites!  Erin Marsh

Student BYOD is a great alternative!  Naomi Bates


A USB drive is your friend!  Karen Jensen

The internet’s down. Yes, including Facebook.  Karl Siewert

I got your email - it’s printed :)  Naomi Bates

This is copier; that is printer.  Gayle Morrow


It’s not all about the books.Kristine McKean


$2500 to Nigeria? Not my money!  Erin Marsh

I’m Fixing another upside down screen!  Naomi Bates

No, you can’t download that here.  Gayle Morrow

No, Dad, E-books aren’t killing libraries. Kristine McKean

Catalog computers don’t have internet EVER.  Amber Ray

Librarians were the original search engine.  Donna Young


Books about pelicans; not pellet guns!  (misheard request) Sarah Gans

Somebody pass me the lysol, quick!  Angela Dreibelbeis

Carrot puke not in job description  Erin Marsh

Oh let this not be urine…  Amber Ray

Again, why is that not porn?  Gayle Morrow

Quit making out in the stacks! Naomi Bates

I can’t pay your fiancee’s ransom.  Erin Marsh

My Night- Adult poops on floor.  Kathryn Bradley

Goat pooped on floor…aah, storytime!  Erin Marsh

Send someone to clean those stains!  Naomi Bates

Our decorative stuffed animals? Grimy! 
Amber Ray

Other duties as assigned. Well, crap.  Karl Siewert

Live goats in storytime: bad idea.  Erin Marsh


Libraries: where everyone can find anything.  Vicki Brown

Library: read, think, learn, imagine, create. Jennifer Smith

Libraries and times – they are a’changin’!  Jennifer Mercantel

A quiet library? That’s no fun!  Miranda Ball

21st century libraries truly are different.  Naomi Bates

Library: Visit a brave new world! Michelle Cooper

Readers enter and find the joy.  Karen Allen

A good library’s reach expands exponentially Amy Jensen

Reading, researching, sharing, asking, learning place  Marcia Russo

Where the cool kids hang out. Becky Mosbacher

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow found right here  Karen Jensen

Libraries, free books for the shopaholic!  Ria Faber

Offering the World at your doorstep! Kris Waymire

Libraries, bringing inspiration at every turn!  Ria Faber

They smile when they walk in.  Naomi Bates

Read Research Technology Entertainment Education Resource  Marcy Sandberg

Libraries—the burning yearning for learning  Pamela Thompson

What’s a library without some noise?  Naomi Bates

Libraries:  Books to the World Beyond  Paulette J. Neuser

Libraries: Information in many different forms  Sherry Thompson

Times have changed, libraries have, too.  Donna Young


Giver of advice, books, love, time. Kristine McKean

Librarian’s squirrely daughter;Obsession becomes profession  Amber Ray

Librarian, knitter, nurturer. Still a man.  Karl Siewert

Librarians no longer on the sidelines  Terry Roper

Patience, it’s always important to someone  Karen Jensen

Online Reading Research Technology Assistance Specialists

Marcy Sandberg

Librarians make an impact on classrooms.  Naomi Bates

Librarians matter: look at the evidence! Dr. Maria Cahill

Library People Circulating Books, Online. Learning.
-Andrea Loyola

Book-slinger/mentor/teacher/advocate/seeker  Kristene McKean

Don’t need cape, have a book.  Karen Jensen

Passionate about matching readers to books.  Angela Critics

Woman or man, hear us roar!  Naomi Bates

Yes, I need a master’s degree  Karen Jensen


More men needed in our field!  Jean Holmblad

navigator of insanity, instigator of enlightenment  Amy Cheney

Childhood to dotage. My library life  Annie Miller

Changing lives, 1 book at a time  Karen Jensen

Librarian turned author, children’s book junkie. Toni Buzzeo, author

Sing, dance, and act the fool.  Erin Marsh

Book-slinger/mentor/teacher/advocate/seeker  Kristine McKean

Librarian: Information specialist, bibliophile, teacher, technogeek  Sandra Goodman


Teachers, please let me help you! Anne Rhodes

Please don’t make me shush you!  Miranda Ball

Do you have your lunch pass?  Naomi Bates

Please ask me for help, please.  Jennifer Harmer


Of course your child is a genius!  Bronwyn Parhad

“No, that’s not a stupid question.”  Heather Booth

You look and I will look.  Lisa Cartwright

Do not put book in mouth.  Jennifer Harmer

She’ll search until she finds it. Jennifer Hall

Yes, we really need the dime. Karalea Lane

Didn’t reserve it?  Haha, it’s gone  Amber Ray

Fun isn’t hard with a card.  Ok, I admit that I modified that from an old episode of Arthur…)  Chelsey Masterson

Bad patron, no donut…in library.  Amber Ray

Smart phone off,  cheerful help begins.  Jean Holmblad

No…get off that now! Yes, now!  Amber Ray

Why does your child keep screaming?  Jennifer Harmer

No, teen librarians are not teens!  Gayle Morrow

I don’t care spitting!  Amber Ray

Shelves may collapse, don’t climb them.  Amber Ray

No I’m not happy to stay late.  Amber Ray

Yes, you leave when we do.  Gayle Morrow

Yes, you pick up child now!  Gayle Morrow

Yes, I do more than read.  Kathryn Bradley

I know it’s just naked ladies.  Gayle Morrow

I am not your child’s babysitter. Angela Critics

No, I am not a babysitter.  Kathryn Bradley

What will I be doing today?  Jennifer Baxter


Wikipedia isn’t the only resource out there… Erin Marsh

You hate books? My favorite challenge!  Jean Holmblad

One poetry book for each child.  Jean Holmblad

Tell me you’re not skipping classes…  Naomi Bates

Wikipedia is not your friend. Got that? Atiba

Best books are on bottom shelf.  Jean Holblad

The power of online collaboration….


Stop stealing Manga! I’ll stop buying it!  Cheryl Youse

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow found right here Karen Jensen

The book was so much better!  Cynthia Hernandez

Peabody ducks and books, spring break  Debbie Andrews

Heaven, time to read every day.  Elizabeth Kahn

Do you love reading? Welcome home  Marcia Russo

Life-long love affair with words  Terry Roper

Let’s talk about that awesome book Kathryn Bradley

This book will change your life forever!  Jessica Lorentz Smith

Do you have Wimpy Kid books?  Jennifer Harmer

Reluctant Readers - I will convert you.  Janet Tashjian , author

Wander in, make books your friend! Ria Faber

I must have books to live! Pamela Thompson

Steampunk: history+fantasy+science=much happy. Amber Ray

More than books- a daily adventure!  Ashley Barrineau

SF shelved separately. Ghetto or shrine?  David Lubar, author

No, Wimpy Kids are all out.  Lynne Moore

Comics are students’ fave reading  - priceless! Kat Kan

Children in libraries: talking, laughing, learning!  Terry Roper

I read, I laughed, I cried.  Elizabeth Kahn

Many books withdrawn. No longer needed.  Cathy Hurst

It SHOULD be on this shelf…..Lynne Moore

Books sustain me in uncertain times  Terry Roper

Don’t close your mind, open a book.  Randee Bybee


 Dystopia is better than dat topia! Amber Ray

Too many books, not enough time. Betsy Fraser



I share information. I don’t judge.  Karalea Lane

Knowledge is free, just return on time.  Randee Bybee

Libraries are windows to the world! Kelly Wiley

Why Google it?  I’m right here.  Naomi Bates

Lifeguard on the sea of knowledge.  Becky Henderson

Ask question, we’ll find the answer  Marcia Russo

I’ll find that for you ASAP!  Naomi Bates

Knowledge is power - if you read!  Kat Kan

Who knew I was passionate about research?  Debbie


Your questions are my life’s answer.  Karl Siewert

Reading and research, knowledge and pleasure.  Eileen Culkin